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SEO Tips - Domain & URLTricks When Someone Already Beat You To It

It has slow been thought that keywords in your URL strings on a situate are subjective in search engine rankings, and the majority of practising SEOs agree that keyworded domains carry a decent boost in the rankings, in support of those keywords.

Whether or not, and to what levels this is devoted in mutually instances is cheery used for discuss, nevertheless representing the sake of this hub we are free to feign that you want to have the tidiest and best potential URLs otherwise domain name used for SEO reasons, and so behind particular examine stay taking place a choice, only to attain a big name previously beat you to it.

Hopefully a couple of observations we've seen lately taking place our extensive web travels, may help next epoch you want to publish a hub with an strict URL that is previously full, or else definitely asset a domain name that is already taken. Hence apologies for stringing the length of this hub absent, on the contrary you get Focus Author score - Hub Scores and all that - but it's really nice-looking simple stuff, and hence cant ensue strung made known extremely long..

URLs by HubPages 

Hubpages is a same corpulent and flourishing neighborhood, with lots of creative and SEO literate members, accordingly near is customarily a sunny opportunity that whatever your brainwave idea, a big cheese previously beat you to it, and frequently with the correct URL you wanted. Thud familiar?

Ok hence assume a look next to the two Focus URLs beneath, not a good deal dissimilarity near, is there? 



But an adequate amount, on behalf of Google nevertheless.  Believe it before not, the " - " on the end of the second URL means that is a totally changed page, the earliest choice was full and used in the past, but straight away is no longer available, nevertheless nor is it open, the subsequent is a different nucleus entirely.

+ & - _ 

You doubtless as well noticed your (or other's) user profiles also use the "+ " instead of hyphens? Nevertheless how many inhabitants imagine to use:

Make+Money+Online as a URL when Make-Money-Online is taken? 

- Here's nothing stopping you, Google are each bit as comfortable ranking keyword+keyword instead of keyword-keyword. 

In a restricted pro SEO forum we belong to, a senior element just highly developed the possible assumption that +" may equal be top than -" because after each and every one, when you search Google for "Rubber boots" after the explore is through, proviso you look in your browser URL string, you will see:


We have seen no evidence of this being the case still, except we haven't truly been looking either.

What we do be aware of is that our profile side hubpages.com/profile/SEO+Ibiza is pretty blissful proceeding the formerly call used for "SEO Ibiza" above positive other notable parties who are irritating in truth remorselessly to get historical #8, thus it doesn't seem to carry one rankings disadvantages.

Keyword Goldrush in 3, 2, 1..

What on the subject of keyword domains?

Some nation exhaust exactly hundreds of hours researching keywords, niches and domains, only to try their keyword choice and it's not vacant, so you try the keywords with hyphens, and they're also gone.

There's one more insignificant tip that we've seen in a certain exceedingly competitive cubbyhole recently that will daub comparable wildfire again after all and sundry cottons by and realises that immediately about every keyword combo they might want is actually still viable. 
Again, we have seen these domains already donate on page one and page two of Google for their keywords, thus in attendance is no hesitation they are talented of ranking emphatically the consistent as qualification you had the formerly choices.

So lets work from beginning to end a keyword domain selection process

And lets pick a fantastically competitive locale, "make money online" 
of track makemoneyonline.com and all favourable variations are already disappeared, the length of with make-money-online.com, and all it's variations,

"so of course near's np point unchanging looking by the ones I'd really comparable, makemoney or make-money they're all be adjacent to to ensue in the similar position?

No, over, manipulate an extra " - " making 2 hyphens connecting the keywords, and domain buying is unexpectedly a very much easier game.

Hopefully some of you won't have seen or been perceptive of the sneaky " - " until now and might find this practical in your endeavours, good fluke and have fun

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