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How To Make Money While Cruising

Option 1:

Take $100 to the bank and exchange it for dimes and quarters. Anything that was minted in 1964 or earlier is 90% silver and is worth 2 to 4 dollars depending on the price of silver.

Option 2.

Get a job and go to work.

If I can interject my opinion (and I will, because it's my blog) I would push you towards option 2. You are much more likely to actually make money.

I can read your thoughts:

"But doesn't the very definition of "cruising" imply a state of joblessness?"

To which I will reply, "In the fantasy land inside your head, yes. However here in reality things cost money. And get rid of that idea of living off the sea. Your wife won't go for it. And if you don't have a wife, you won't get one with that attitude!"

My recommendation is to get yourself a new definition for "cruising". One that includes periodic stops to get jobs. While we "cruised" or "lived aboard" we held numerous jobs, when looking back I feel in no way that the "adventure" was put on hold in anyway during these stops.

We met people that we will never forget. I instantly think of my job bar tending at the Crescent Yacht Club in New York. Doreen was the other bar tender at the club, and she will live forever in my memory standing at the back door to the bar, smoking a cigarette yelling in "Chad, poor me a shot of Sambucca!"

Doreen had a great sense of humor, but she wouldn't take shit from anybody. There is no question that of the two of us, she was the most likely candidate to end up in a brawl.

Ford Sellers became my big brother. He was probably the only reason I got the job in the first place. My favorite nights were walking home with him after the bar closed (we kept our boat at the dock behind his house). Frodo's hangover tip #1: Always eat a piece of toast, and drink a big glass of water before you go to bed.

Sure, there were bad days. But the friends made it worth it. My favorite cure for a bad day was to hang out with Kathy. I could always count on her for a Molson, chips and salsa, and being in a good mood by the time we left her place.

Our next "stop" from cruising was in Charleston, South Carolina. I cannot express how much I miss that city, or the friends we left there. I enjoyed living there so much I was tempted to stay for an additional year.

Here is a perk for you future cruisers who hate the idea of stopping to get jobs: Because of the connections I made with sailors in Charleston, I landed a job as a paid first mate on a Trans-Atlantic boat delivery. I sailed across the ocean and came back with almost 1,000 dollars in my pocket for doing it. Not to mention the connections I made with the delivery captain, and the sailing business that organized the delivery.

As a direct result of the experience I was offered a job as an instructor at Charleston's Ocean Sailing Acadamy. I reluctantly let the opportunity pass me by as I had already landed a job at the Virtual Assistance company

I know this post did not provide you with the answers you were hoping for. LeeAnn and I also preformed odd jobs while cruising. For example, in the Bahamas you can make a small illegal income cleaning bottoms. If you don't know what I mean by that... believe me it is not pleasant work, if only for this small reason:

Sharks and barracudas typically only attack humans in cloudy water. Cleaning bottoms causes the water to be cloudy! The cloud is caused by algae, which attracts small fish. Which attracts barracudas! Not to mention it doesn't take a genius to figure out why the majority of the algae is centered around the waste discharge outlet!

So there it is, you can stop in a city, make friends, money, and memories. Or you can risk being attacked by a barracuda in shit water underneath a strangers boat for the prime rate of 1 dollar a foot. That's a shitty way to die in paradise. Not to mention that if you did the same job in the States you would get double the money, and lose much of the risk of being attacked.

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