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HelloOX2 v2.10 Unsigned released - all UnHackable Nokia now Hackable!

28th May 2011 - HelloOX2 v2.10
released - all UnHackable Nokia now
Hackable! What is HelloOX2? HelloOX2 is a One step Hacking tool for Symbian S60 3rd(FP1, FP2), 5th and
Symbian^3 phone. Hacking mean that getting full access to
the phone's system files, with that
capability, we can install a root certificate,
and with the root certificate, we can install
anything we want to mod the phone,
include the Manufacturer capabilities requested apps. Completely fix annoying
certificate error! for example:
ROMPatcher+ is a Manufacturer capabilities
requested app, using it to patch the
installserver you'll be able to install any
apps(include unsigned) without certificate
error anymore. HelloOX2 is here for everything you need.
Hacking in only One step, just run it, it
does all the rest for you. It has been tested
and confirmed working on almost all
Symbian S60 3rd(FP1, FP2), 5th and
Symbian^3 devices, include the latest phone models Nokia N8-00, E7-00,
C7-00, C7 Astound, C6-01, C5-03,
E5-00, E73...etc. Other supported phone models list here Download We offer the latest Signed version and
technical support for donators. Get HelloOX2 v2.10 Signed Unsigned version is free for download,
must sign it with a 17 capabilities
developer certificate before installation.
Please note that we don't support for
signing and using the Unsigned version. Download HelloOX2 v2.03 Unsigned How to use it? Hacking:
Install then run it. All steps will run
automatic, your phone will be Hacked in a
minute. UnHacking:
Run HelloOX2 again after Hacking, it'll
prompt a menu let you choose UnHack or
Hack again. What HelloOX2 does? Nokia phone models:
1. Install CertProvisioner
2. Install root Certificate
3. Unpack modded Installserver *not for
3rd FP2*
4. Install files Mover *UnHacking need that* & Move modded Installserver
*non-3rd FP2*
5. Install RomPatcher+ (by Il.Socio) *not for
6. Done! non-Nokia phone models:
1. Map drive
2. Unpack Hacking files to the virtual drive
3. Activate file system
4. Unmap drive
5. Install root certificate 6. Install RomPatcher+ (by Il.Socio)
7. Done! notes:
RomPatcher+ is just a bundle app included
in HelloOX2, it is not supporting by us.
If you like it then support RP+ with a
rompatcherplus.aspx All credits goes to FCA00000, leftup, Zorn, DeltaFoX,
wadowice, SWmail, abgnokia, Il.Socio,
@ndy, GANG's brothers, stas686, Thanks
to all people who made this possible!

Ektensi exe,unpack via pc gan.
 Biar ga bingung,, kok file nya exe.
Nih liat SS di bawah,jalankan di pc,masukkan cer file dan key file
Output terserah mau di set kemana,hasil generate nya nanti di output folder.
Lalu tekan SIGN dan taaadah,HelloOX2.v2.10.signed.sisx ada di output folder dan transfer ke hp dan tarik mang dengan satu klik.
cer file/key file = cer dan key
[Image: ssssssss.png]

PS: S 3 C7 semua versi fw lewat,N8,C6-01.Dan semua S60v3v5 lewat.
Unsigned Here.
pass: leftrand

Sorce :

Good Luck :D

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