Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Boat Food!

When you are a cruising sailor... your eating habits might change a little.

Some people are lucky, and have huge freezers to stock up with tasty treats.. like ground beef... and steak... Yummm!!

If you aren't one of the lucky ones... don't fret! You have lots of options:

Chicken Ramen Noodles,
Beef Ramen Noodles,
Shimp Ramen Noodles,
Oriental Ramen Noodles,
Chocolate covered Ramen Noodles!

Just kidding, there are more things to eat than that...

There is also Spam!

Seriously not kidding, fried spam is delicious. Try it. It's like bacon... but more mysterious!

Forget fresh milk. Learn to live without it.

We used powdered milk for cooking. There is also some type of boxed milk (like a juice box!) that will last for months. Some people like it. LeeAnn didn't mind it, it was much better than powered milk by far. But by the time she had tried it, she had already gotten used to not having milk and decided to use the extra money for the occasional treat of ice cream!

You can do a lot with canned chicken.

For example, chicken Alfredo is good. Just use a McCormick package for the sauce, canned chicken, maybe some canned mushrooms, and a fair amount of garlic salt. This is a great meal to make in a big batch when there is bad weather. The rain adds to the flavor :)

Another canned chicken dish: Put the chicken in a bowl, adding a little mayo and all the curry powder you can handle. Toss it on a tortilla shell and you are done! MMMM mmm!

It might sound lame, and it is. But it's a change from ramen noodles.

A tip for condiments: mayo, mustard, all that stuff. Go to SAM'S Club, and pick up a box of each condiment in the little restaurant package style. Like you would get a package of ketchup at McDonalds. If you have a big boat with plenty of fridge space, this wont matter to you. If you have a boat with no fridge (many do) this will save your life!!

Here is my big finale for this post, my FAVORITE boat recipe... one I couldn't live with out.... PIZZA!!

What you will need:

Tortilla shells (You can make your own dough (we actually made our own tortilla shells!), which is fun, but use a tortilla shell if you are short on time.)

Pizza sauce (Non-perishable)

Mozzarella Cheese (buy it in blocks, it will last longer. Just cut off the mold, you will be fine.)

Pepperoni (Non-perishable, Thank God for that!)

So, make a pizza!

then put a little bit of oil in a pan, and toss the Tortilla shell pizza in the pan. Spin it around a few times so the oil coats the whole bottom.

Put a lid on a frying pan, and when the cheese melts... it's ready!

Fried Pizza = delicious

What kind of stove top did we use? An awesome non-pressurized burner that runs on alcohol. If you think you want one... buy it here. This website was made by cruisers, for cruisers.

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