Selasa, 05 Mei 2009

Sushi update for Aunt Joni

Sushi the boat cat! here is an overview:
Sushi was born in New York State, but has traveled to three countries and into 8 different states.
Sushi has sailed about fifteen hundred miles.
She would get seasick when she was a kitten, but seems to have grown out of it these days.
The boat is like a big playground to Sush, and she climbs all over everything. She has ventured onto the dock a few times, but for the most part stays on the boat like a good cat.
Sushi liked dighy rides when she was a kitten, but like getting seasick, she seems to have outgrown those too.
Sushi is very interested in the water, she loves to watch it and play in it, but she hates to be submerged in it! She doesn't like seafood, but dolphins are a perpetual fascination to her.

Mostly she is just a lazy ass cat.

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